Questions and Answers2021-02-02T04:27:14+00:00

Questions and Answers

Do websites need maintenance?2021-02-03T16:06:50+00:00

All professionally built HTML websites require regular maintenance due to the complexity and always changing online environment. If you are not prepared for a monthly maintenance fee, our agency is probably not the agency for you. There are plenty of “online builders” that are for the most part self sustainable. Online builders like wix, go daddy, etc. are not a wise choice for actual operating businesses. These sites are geared more towards your photographer and other small operations with minimum budgets. 

For example: You have your website, which is built on a code framework. Added to these websites are plugins like social media feeds, forms, calendars, slideshows, chat, pop ups, Ect. Consider this a small list, there are many more elements that require updating regularly to keep your website running.

Each of these is its own application that has its own developed code base. When developers release updates for these separate software’s, they must be updated to keep the site performing.

A website’s code, plugins, and even the server software are continually expiring and need to be upgraded to newer versions. These upgrades do not happen magically, they need to be programmed or manually done by your web agency.

By not upgrading software as the upgrades are released, you run the risk of security risks or breaking code in the website, in return creating more work by jumping updates often times causing more expense than just keeping things updated as the site lives.

Another huge factor to keep your website updated weekly is that it is what Google likes to see. Google wants to know your site is in good health, and being upkept.


Some of the common maintenance performed weekly on modern websites are:

  • Framework Upgrades
  • Plugin Upgrades
  • Backups of Database & Website
  • Security Checks
  • Speed Checks
  • Navigation
  • Link Structure
  • CMS Updates
  • PHP Updates

In conclusion, if you have a thriving business and are serious about getting the most out of your website and protecting your investment, having your web agency maintain your website is a must. Keeping your site secure and updated with the latest technology and software proves to yield higher rankings in search, and protects your website from security breaches and hackers.

If you don’t maintain a website, it will die.

Are your websites ADA compliant?2021-02-01T00:36:12+00:00

Some of them. Becoming ADA compliant is up to the company. Smaller companies seem to opt out of  ADA compliance because of cost. If you are a large company serving the public becoming ADA compliant with your website could save you a lawsuit.

I need something designed quickly, can you help?2021-02-01T00:33:00+00:00

Yes! If you need something quick, and it is also quick for us, we should be able to get it right to you. Sometimes the same day. Larger design orders will go in a queue. For larger design projects we are usually 2-3 days out.

What is the lead time on website projects?2021-02-01T00:33:31+00:00

Usually, we get started on the discovery process rather quickly. Average websites take around 2-4 weeks to launch.

What services does 1922 Creative provide?2021-02-01T00:38:12+00:00

We have evolved into a full service remote branding and web development agency. A full service list would look like this: Web development, brand identity, graphic design, writing copy, short video productions, Illustrations, short animations, SEO, local SEO, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube ads, Google Ad’s management & setup.

Do you work with startup companies?2021-01-27T17:21:33+00:00

Absolutely. In fact, working with startup companies is amongst our favorite projects. We get to start from scratch (usually) and see your brand come to life.

What industries do you serve?2021-01-27T01:23:32+00:00

Right now, we have a wide variety of clientele. Some of our more popular clients/businesses are in the following industries:  contractor, law, agriculture, staffing, medical, aerospace, and general small local businesses. Our discovery process allows us to design for any industry.

How much can I expect to pay for a professional website in 2021?2021-01-27T01:24:32+00:00

Good question. Since websites can vary in requirements and size, this answer can be all over the place. To make things simple, the average site we build is between 5-10k. Smaller one page or “landing” page sites can be less.

What’s the cost of this new story style website trend?2021-01-27T17:26:46+00:00

Typically, our story framework and rebuild process takes around 50-76 hours for an average size website. This includes out inhouse photo/video shoot and initial discovery process for your company. Companies wanting to showcase this trend can expect on average to spend 5-10K.