We are 1922.

If we had to pick one reason our agency is great, it would have to be our ability to manage projects and lead not only companies, but people through a seamless process of brand creation and website development. We are a remote agency with a team of illustrators, graphic designers, developers, copywriters, SEO Goo-roo’s, and marketers. We network and thrive together as a team. 

We work with startups and medium to large businesses. Our clientele base includes celebrities such as Luke Pell & Gary Levox. We are fortunate to be the creatives behind the brand identity of Black Tie Moving, now the fastest growing moving company in the USA. We work with many great companies located in various states. 

Yep, we drink a lot of coffee and Skype a lot!

We do what’s trending. We consider and implement popular design trends into our clients platforms. 

At the end of the day, our goal is to add value to your brand.

    Will you be selling products on this website?

    If yes, how many products to start?

    I need to accept the following payment gateways on my new website: Example: Mastercard

    Is your website currently running Google Analytics?

    What does your business do?

    Are you active on social media?

    What is the main goal behind building the website?

    Who is your ideal customer?

    Who are your major competitors?

    Select all features that you need on your new website

    *IMPORTANT* List all pages/sections/Breakdowns you need for your website. Example: Home, About Us, Team, Services, (Break down all services as well.) Locations, Contact, Etc.

    Include any specific instructions or ideas you have about your new project. Our team will reconnect with you via phone, but the more information we have up front the smoother the discovery process excels.

    Will you need a photo/video shoot for this project? Having professional images of products, people, processes, and other elements that represent your company are key features to creating an impressive website and presentation. Without professional elements like these, it is hard for us to make your new website visually appealing.

    Do you have specific company colors that need to be used or a brand standards manual?

    What are your favorite websites and why?

    Will you be providing text/language for the website? Example: About us, team bio's, company history, etc. You can submit this throughout the development process.

    Project Budget: It's important from the start to form a budget for your project. Having a budget on big projects like websites allows our team to implement specific design strategies and take advantage of different plugins, software, and widgets for your new website. Having a budget also allows us to know how much time we can spend in the development and design stages of your project. Having a budget also allows our design team to implement the best design strategies to stay inside your budget. There are many helpful guides online to help you understand how to plan a budget for a new website.

    The desired deadline for this project is