How to get started with a new story website.

We make the process and transition to our new framework seamless.

Starting at 5k


We construct a company discovery document to understand your mission, vision, values & what makes your company great.

We construct a consumer discovery document to understand your consumers.

10-20 Hours

Your Story

Using the discovery documents now complete, we draft your story and copy for the website.

3-6 Hours

Website Concept

We design a layout of your new website. This will be used as a blueprint for development. 

3-6 Hours


Our team starts development of your approved website framework that was presented to you. 

50-100 Hours

Digital Assets

We schedule a time to visit your operation and gather the following digital assets. These will be used for your new website and future marketing purposes. 

• Company Introduction Video
• Photoshoot of Operations
• Staff Images

1-2 Days in House


Your new website is launched.

1 minute!

Marketing Discovery & Plan

We discover audience options and marketing platforms to best fit your marketing needs & budget. After this, we present our findings and a plan for online growth. 

8-16 Hours

Site Health & Upkeep 

We maintain your website to keep it running smoothly and up to date.


Website Traffic & Analytics

We send you monthly reports at the beginning of each month showing your website traffic and where it is coming from.


Okay, I’m interested. How do we start? 

It’s easy. Just message us and a 1922 creative will be in touch.

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